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The D.C. Spin: Well, I Didn't Get <em>Murdered</em>, and That's Something


All right, so I asked my readers whether I should go out and be a dork last night or whether I should stay in and be a dork. Their answer: Go out!

So, I did, but I paid the price you pay for having a social life in the District of Columbia. Which is, apparently, "the back-passenger-side window of your sedan and everything of value in your car."


Like I said: Sigh.

On the bright side, because I was being a dork and liveblogging "The Hill," my computer's still here. Yay! So, I can't decide whether to blame my readers or embrace them...

Just kidding, I'm totally to blame for thinking I could just go in and out of the city willy-nilly without being made to pay the crime toll. They're so bitter about the whole Congressional representation thing, they react badly to Virginia license plates.

Truthfully, I didn't lose too much, considering how much stuff was in my car, but I bet that's the biggest score of mechanical pencils and reporter's notebooks the city has ever seen.

But, every time I get robbed, I have the same simple, naive thought. I get all angry, and I call a friend and I yell, "How hard is it? If the crap isn't yours, don't touch it!" A simple guideline, but one many people don't care about.

Update: Good ways to cheer me up. Link a story telling me drinking tea is just as healthy as drinking water. Or, send me an e-mail telling me McDonald's is selling sweet tea now, even in D.C. Things are looking up. Thanks, guys!

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