How Well Do Your Readers Know You?

Posted: Aug 04, 2006 2:14 PM

In response to this post from me...this is uncanny...

Thus, here's a list of 9 other household items which left-wingers---left-wing women in particular---will find objectionable should one ever visit the happy domecile of Miss Ham and her roommate.

9. razor for shaving legs


8. receipt which reveals that a purchase was made at that 'right-wing store,' Wal-Mart

Got it.

7. latest edition of "The Phyllis Schlafly Report"

Mm-hmm. I get it in the mail at work.

6. poster of Peyton Manning, hanging on bedroom wall

It's actually a magazine cover, and it's in the kitchen, but it counts.

5. 3 DVD pack of John Wayne movies

We actually opted for the Clint Eastwood library.

4. ticket stub from Daytona 500

Unfortunately, I've never made it to Daytona for a race; just the museum. But there are plenty of other NASCAR stubs lying around.

3. personally autographed copy of Hugh Hewitt's "Painting the Map Red"

On the bookcase.

2. the Bible

On the bedside table.

1. frozen TV dinner with that 'red-state' favorite of salisbury steak & mashed potatoes

Real steak, but just as objectionable to a vegetarian.

Well done, OneHotMinute.