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Tim Blair's Modern Dictionary

Tim Blair, always funny, offers a handy glossary for our times. A couple of my favorites:

Diversity, n. A vital necessity of future Australian media, according to absolutely everybody. All unanimously agree on the need for a range of views. Every single person...

Draconian, adj. All legislation introduced since March 1996. Except for gun bans, which – although widespread, severe and aimed at the law-abiding – were fair and good because people who didn’t own guns agreed with them...

Abu Ghraib, n. Post-2003: the worst place on Earth; a roiling, satanic hate-mill of torture and oppression. Pre-2003: never heard of the place. Maybe it was a bubblegum factory run by elves.

Global warming, n. Scientifically observed phenomenon whereby scientists the world over receive warm, toasty funding to talk about the weather.


H/t PowerLine.

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