Blog Scandal: 'You're a Dead Man'

Posted: Jul 26, 2006 4:28 PM

Yesterday, Allah was doing a fun posting on the top blog scandals of all time.

Then, he added a few he forgot the first time.

Today, he's blogging the creepiest blog scandal of all time, between Jason Leopold and Seixon.

Background here and here from Seixon. Nasty.

Newsbusters has more on this:

Questions: Now that a blogger is getting death threats and intimidating email which his local law enforcement considers serious, will liberal media reporters like Howard Kurtz, Bill Carter, and Jim Romenesko sit up and take notice of a very real threat to press freedom? Will a clearly disturbed individual like Johnson finally be banished from ever appearing as a credible commentator or informed source as he surely deserves to be? Will the lefty hand-wringers who complain about "Bush undermining our freedoms" denounce this?

Jeff Goldstein, who recently had his own run-in with a trolly/sock-puppet/creep:

And now, with this new story, what we have is several reporters and a former CIA agent using base intimidation that has escalated into a potentially actionable—and quite serious—offense.

So while I agree with Brian that the public discourse is not particularly better for having sunk to its current level, I think it is important to cover these stories nevertheless—particularly when some in the “unified messaging” community are simply unable to keep their true natures hidden.

People who don’t follow politics closely need to see beyond the easy “progressive” bromides about supporting “tolerance” and being against “hate”.

Because the truth is, many so-called “progressives” are absolutely saturated with hate and will tolerate nothing that doesn’t hew to their idea of what the world should look like. And their impatience is beginning to show.

The sock-puppet-trackers themselves are on the case: Patterico and Ace.

Haven't Leopold and Johnson been paying any attention to these other sock-puppet stunts? Between Ace and Patterico and their commenters, they will catch you. In short, "you're a dead puppet."

ChickenHawkExpress has the full round-up of Seixon's posts in order.

The Real Ugly American has records of Leopold's falsification of e-mails purportedly from Seixon.

The Media Blog at NRO points out that Larry Johnson is widely considered an expert, source, and guest for high-profile media despite all this cavorting with worst of the moonbats online.

UPDATE: Classical Values has lots of great thoughts on the ethics of socket-puppetry.