Miss Universe Crisis Averted

Posted: Jul 23, 2006 11:00 PM
So, I was watching the end of the Miss Universe pageant tonight (congratulations to Miss Puerto Rico!), and I, of course, ran over to PowerLine to get the latest on this important event.

At first, it appeared the guys were not blogging it, but I scrolled down to find that they were, indeed, on the story.

Whew! I can't be expected to blindly accept the MSM spin on the Miss Universe pageant. I need the Bloggers of the Year to keep an eye on things for me. I was sad not to see them liveblogging the event, but I'm sure they'll have a thorough analysis for us soon.

Miss USA was the fifth runner-up, and she was wearing a beautiful gown, courtesy of Kayne of Project Runway fame. Kayne won last week's challenge on the fashion reality show, creating the gown to Miss USA Tara Connor's specifications. When not on Project Runway, Kayne runs a boutique in Texas for-- what else?-- pageant gowns of his own design. I can't imagine he'll ever be short of work again.