The Kossian No Comment

Posted: Jul 21, 2006 2:51 PM
Ankle Biting Pundits comments on how one of the most prominent opinion leaders on the Left has been strangely quiet on the Israel/Hezbollah conflict. And, when he has spoken, there hasn't been much there, as Bulldog Pundit observes:

What is striking about the comments is the failure of Kos to lay blame for the situation where it belongs  - on the terrorists. Rather, he emphasizes how both parties need to stop the violence.  If there’s a bigger cop-out than that I don’t know what it is.

Kos’ comments are a microcosm of why no one will take the far left seriously.  Throwing one’s hands up in the air and say that the situation is intractable because of “centuries of fighting” is not a serious opinion, and should be rightfully panned.  Where’s the realization that Israel is fighting for its very existence against people who want to wipe it off the map.

It’s true that nothing bloggers say is going to change anything, but the beauty of this medium is that you can express opinions, and it’s just odd that the proprietor of the most read site on the web (as well as big fundraiser for their candidates) wants to ignore it.
I noticed this yesterday in a Kos post titled, "Clusterf&*%".

So we've got Israel attacking Lebanon. Israel attacking Palestine. Hezbollah attacking Israel. Palestinians attacking Israel. Israel threatening to attack Syria and Iran. Iran meddling in Iraq. The US meddling in Iraq. Lots of terrorists and insurgents targetting the US. The US threatening Iran. Sunnis attacking Shiites. Shiites attacking Sunnis. The US and NATO fighting a resurgant Taliban in Afghanistan. Kurds attacking Turks.
He goes on to yell at neocons. The point of this post seems to be nothing more than "fighting is bad. There is lots of fighting going on right now. And, none of this fighting would be going on right now in this war-ravaged region of centuries-old cultural rifts if it weren't for jerks like Bill Kristol and the Weekly Standard for giving him a platform. "

But doesn't that contradict his first claim, in the post ABP cited? In that post, he said the only solution is for both sides to get tired of fighting, and it makes no difference what the President, the U.N., or the pundits have to say about it. So, how is it that the neocons are to blame if these guys have just been fighting for centuries and there is no solution? And, how pray tell, are we gonna blame Bush for not finding a solution if it can make no difference what he does?

This does not engender folks' confidence on the Left's ability to handle national security.

In other Lefty Israel/Hezbollah news, Bill Maher gave props where props were due the other night.

But I digress. I really wanted to say that, for all those who accuse the likes of myself and the birthday girl of being unpatriotic, or hating America first, the feeling I've had watching Israel defend herself and a US president defend Israel (a country that is held to a standard for "restraint" that no other country ever is asked to meet, but that's another story) just reminds me how wrong that is. I LOVE being on the side of my president, and mouthing "You go, boy" when he gets it right.
Very cool.