This Sounds Dangerous

Posted: Jul 17, 2006 9:45 AM

Katie Couric talks about changing the way news is covered:

Viewers told her they want more perspective and
"a better understanding of the ramifications of the news," she says. "I
got the distinct sense they want us to go a little bit deeper" with
historical background and "how is this relevant to their lives. (And)
we heard from many people the news is just too depressing. Obviously,
we can't sugar-coat what's going on, but there are cases where we can
be more solution-oriented."

Some thought the media portrayed a "polarizing
of the country that they don't see," thought TV news "abdicated its
role, really talking about facts and information rather than points of
view," and want "more thinking, less spewing."

When viewers want a "better understanding of the ramifications of the news," that means the press gets to jump at the opportunity to tell you what you should be thinking about the news. Think those lovely NTY news analyses on CBS News every night, coming from Katie.

Now, there's promise in that part about the news being too depressing. Katie could fix that easily by paying a little more attention to the good stories coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. It's not sugar-coating; it's just perspective. She doesn't even have to do the research-- just go on over to Mudville Gazette.

So, there's a bit of promise there. Whether CBS would have the gumption to run with more optimism in the news is quite another thing. And, I'm really scared of "more thinking, less spewing" from Katie. This oughtta get really interesting.