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Apparently, these are the things I look for in a presidential candidate:

But then there’s the wild card—Mr. Speaker himself, the original
lefty-abhorred architect. So, what about Newt in ’08? It’s this option
I find pretty intriguing. I am a young conservative. I’ve heard from
some folks—older politicos than I—that that makes me more forgiving of
Gingrich’s flaws.

That may be. I came of political age in the early 90s, and
remember well the 1994 landslide. The stunning victory, the 50-point
headlines, the looks of horror and hanging heads in my liberal college
town all run, ironically, in my memory montage to a soundtrack of Green
Day and Alice in Chains...

But wouldn’t it be fun to see Newt make a run? Wouldn’t it be fun to
see him talk about problems and solutions and maybe, just maybe, force
his opponents to talk about them, too? Whether you agree with him on
every issue or not, I think this horse could only strengthen a
Republican stable that has had me doing little more than sighing.

As many in the comments have pointed out, Newt has his problems, not least of which is his personal life. I concede that he very well may not be electable, but look where worrying about electable got the Dems in '04. I think he'd spice things up for sure, probably strengthen the Republican platform by putting some good ideas into the primary debates, and--bottom line-- he'd keep me entertained.

As a political junkie, sometimes that's what I'm looking for, and it doesn't hurt in catching the attention of an apathetic electorate either.

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