How Do You Say Deja Vu in Spanish?

Posted: Jul 05, 2006 3:26 PM

If the conservative wins, lefties in Mexico oughtta be about as fun as ours have been over the past 6 years. Good luck, Mexico.

Leftists Demand Full Recount in Mexico:

    Mexico's leftist party demanded Tuesday that electoral officials recount every vote cast in the country's closest presidential race ever, claiming the balloting was manipulated and renewing fears that its fiery candidate will launch massive street protests if he doesn't get his way.

More on the Mexican elections and impending controversy from the WSJ. Mary Anastasia O'Grady describes what looks to have been a very clean election. More deja vu:

The race was every bit as tight as pollsters had predicted. And by Monday morning when it began to appear that Mr. López Obrador had secured only second place, Mexicans were treated, on national television, to a flash of anger that revealed the trademark intolerance that has made him such a polarizing figure: The red- faced candidate gripped the podium in frustration, pledging to exhaust every available legal channel. His head shook uncontrollably as he demanded that the country "respect" his "triumph."

Yesterday, his senior aides told Reuters that his supporters would take to the streets if the election authorities don't go his way. The problem for Mr. López Obrador is that in order to prevail, he has to do more than convince Mexicans that Mr. Calderón is a thieving opponent who managed a massive conspiracy against the will of the people. He also has to portray the IFE and the thousands of citizen volunteers--who on Sunday put on a clinic for the rest of the world on how to run a transparent and orderly election--as enemies of the Mexican people. That won't be easy, and public opinion is fast turning against him.
And this:
Mr. López Obrador now claims that there are three million "lost" votes, and that he senses all kinds of "irregularities," none of which are backed up with evidence. While all the votes are not yet in the official tallies because of a technicality in reporting, the Calderón team remains confident that they are accounted for in the totals that all parties now have, and that the outcome will not change.