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So, Did Anything Happen While I Was Gone?

So, I'm back.

Back from a week without a cell phone, Blackberry, computer or TV, out in a cabin in the mountains of western Virginia. It was fabulous, but I've spent all day figuring out what happened while I was gone. A friend of mine popped up on IM yesterday and said, "you know, I was ticked off about these resolutions at first, like Hugh is, but now I'm rethinking it."


I said, "you know what's really cool? I have no idea what you're talking about."

But now I'm back and studied up and I know what those resolutions were and who they didn't name; I know the SCOTUS oughtta watch its back for milbloggers in light of the Hamdan ruling; I know the teenagers I took to camp this week would likely make better editorial decisions than the NYT; I know I'm glad I missed the canoe-commuting in the District last week; and, I know Hugh is apparently collaborating with Townhall in some elaborate plan to take over the world (why didn't you tell me, Hugh? Ha ha).

Just kidding, of course. I planned my trip so that I'd get back just in time to help Hugh take over the world. That's what I'll be doing this holiday weekend.

More about camp with pictures in just a bit.

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