Things I Hate Worse Than Beltway Traffic...

Posted: May 31, 2006 10:29 AM

Tax hikes used to try to fix the problem.

Is anyone surprised by the subheadline on this Post story about the Virginia legislature? I wish I were:

Republicans Again Hope to Raise Taxes, Fees to Boost Transportation Spending

You think maybe they could find some money for that in the record-breaking tax hike of 2004, or maybe the $544 million surplus in the budget at the end of 2005, which Gov. Warner so kindly pretended the state did NOT have so he could get his tax hike?

Hey, I'm no legislator, but that's just a few minutes of brainstorming right there, so don't act like y'all can't find money elsewhere.

Don't worry. It's Virginia, so the rest of y'all are safe for now.