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And, We'll Fill in the Missing Colors in Each Other's Paint-By-Number Dreams.

That last post reminded me...

Earlier this spring, my friend was trying to explain to me what color the bridesmaid dresses are for her wedding.

Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses have the distinct and ironic characteristics of being simultaneously the most expensive dresses you'll ever buy and the least frequently tried-on. So, even though I am a bridesmaid in her wedding in three weeks, I had neither seen nor tried on my dress until this week (I ordered big this time, based on my last experience).

So, my friend says to me, "Well, they’re kinda slate blue with a green tint, a little bluey-green, and not overly shiny, but a little irridescent."

I puzzle on it for a minute and exclaim, "Oh! Like, the color of Rearden Steel?!?"

"Um, yeah. Sure," she says.

UPDATE: N.Z. Bear stages an intervention, in an e-mail:

Put down the copy of Atlas Shrugged.

Step away from it slowly.

Now repeat after me: John Galt is not coming to sweep me off my feet, and his speech was just way too damned long anyway. Charity is OK, once in a while. Dagny is a stupid name for a girl.

To which I say, John Galt clearly just needed an editor, and that just happens to be exactly what I do. Fate?

I'm just not ready to admit I have a problem yet, but thank you for caring. Hee.

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