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On McConnell's Legacy

Alice? Who Is Alice?

Over at TKS (via Instapundit), Jim Geraghty spoke up for the American traveler. We're not all ugly, he says:

I’m sure there are ugly Americans out there, alienating foreign citizens and creating a bad impressions. But let’s not overhype this. (I note the article points out that “When word of the new guide first filtered onto Internet discussion groups, some participants were quick to point out that American travelers have no monopoly on boorish behavior.”) I can’t help but wonder if U.S. travelers complaining about those embarrassing Ugly Americans is a habit of an equally unappealing figure: the Ugly American Travel Snob.

In related news, my little brother is in Ireland right now and seems to be fitting in just fine without talking loudly or acting arrogant or offending anyone. From an e-mail update to the family:

I went to about three or three pubs on our crawl; The Crown, Skye Bar, The Morning Star. They were all more fun than I expected and the Guinness is the best I've had, and Daddy I had a pint for you...

Well, for the last two days we've been in Sligo in Northwest Ireland.
Decided not to go out to the pubs last night to catch up on some much needed sleep. While here we've gone to a few interesting places, none of which were on the itenerary because we had a tour guide from the area and he had expertise in locations around the area.

We went to a well said to have been found first by St. Patrick, the burial sight of W.B. Yeats, a beautiful waterfall, and just a general tour of the countryside around the area...

But tonight I'll be attending a few pubs and having a few pints while listening to local traditional Irish music.


Sounds like he's respecting and enjoying Ireland and all of its cultural offerings-- not the least of which is a well-poured Guinness.

Have fun and be safe, little bro, and use all the Irish I taught you before you left.

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