Has the Backlashing Begun?

Posted: May 03, 2006 7:44 AM

La Shawn reports on the ousting of Herndon, Va. council members who supported the tax-funded construction of a day labor center for illegal immigrants.

Most day center-supporting members got a swift kick to the curb, including Mayor Michael O’Reilly, who I called a fool for implying that taxpayers in Herndon had no right to influence federal legislators.

She also remindes me of two columns she's writtenon the issue. For detailed background, go here and here.

The Washington Post has the details on the new council members and mayor:

Steve J. DeBenedittis, 38, a health club operator and political newcomer, defeated Mayor Michael L. O'Reilly with 52 percent of the vote...

Elected to the council were challengers William B. Tirrell, Charlie D. Waddell, Connie Haines Hutchinson and David A. Kirby, all opponents of the facility, which was created to help immigrants connect with employers each day.

Two incumbents were reelected. Dennis D. Husch, who was one of the two council members to vote against the center, received more votes than any of the eight other council candidates. J. Harlon Reece was the lone supporter who was reelected. He received the fewest number of votes among the six winners.

Common Sense America calls it the Great American Backlash, and says it's just the beginning.

There are no marches, rallies, or even flag waving from Americans and legal immigrants this week but make no mistake, the silent majority will be heard. Sometimes, timing is everything.

Cassandra points out the Dems' talking point on backlash:

"This is going to be like a tug of war," he said. "I think Republicans are trying to exploit voter concerns about immigration. It's not a winning strategy. I think voters are more concerned about health-care costs, the cost of higher education and gasoline and energy than immigration."

Right, because it couldn't possibly be that American voters actually are concerned about border security. They're just being exploited by Republicans.