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Coburn's Porkbusting Update

So, what will become of the Coburn amendments I blogged about last week?

Tim Chapman gives an update:

Coburn filed an amendment and then used parliamentary tools to split it into 19 seperate amendments attacking non-emergency pork spending projects in the bill. Last week he had some modest success, and looks to capitalize on that momentum this week.

Tomorrow, the Senate will vote for cloture -- to limit debate -- on the spending bill. Because Coburn crafted his amendment strategy with precise language all of his amendments will be germaine post cloture. In other words, limiting debate on the bill will in no way affect the good Doctor's ability to raise heck on the Senate floor this week...

There are rumors floating around the Hill that last week the GOP conference began to come to grips with the fact that they have been spending the people's money carelessly. The way the Senate votes on many of Coburn's amendments this week will prove those rumors true or false.


Oh, please let them be true. Please let them be true. Please let them be true.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds points out a move toward pork transparency from some of his Tennessee representatives.

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