And, the Healing Begins...

Posted: May 01, 2006 8:39 AM

Because, you know, who's better at racial healing than the New Black Panthers? Things in Durham are gonna get better, for sure, now that the Black Panthers are getting into the Duke rape case.

Late last week, the Panthers distributed recruitment brochures at various Durham locations -- including the courthouse -- with information about today's rally.

"Had enough of disrespect and racism from Duke University?" the brochures asked.

The fliers also contained photographs of Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann, two white lacrosse players indicted and charged with raping the black exotic dancer.

In addition, a Panther official told The Herald-Sun his organization was providing security for the alleged rape victim.

"The sister had death threats," alleged Minister Na'jee Shaka Muhammad, national field marshal for the Panthers, who is based out of Atlanta but working in Durham. Malik Zulu Shabazz, the group's national chairman and national spokesman for Black Lawyers for Justice, will be the keynote speaker at the rally.

Kumbaya, y'all.

In North Carolina, the John Locke Foundation has a list of the Black Panthers' demands of Durham, and my dad went up to campus and got some pictures. He caught this encounter:

When they arrived the para-military group's "soldiers" set up a "perimenter" (see photo below) to keep the media away from local community leaders and the NBPP officials as they planned their strategy in a parking lot across from the main entrance to campus.

The media didn't question why the NBPP, which has no police powers, were able to keep them from getting closer. They complied without question — except for one. Freelance photographer Julian Harrison walked into the "restricted area and began videotaping the "soldiers" from behind. The "soldiers" told him he'd have to leave (see photo below) and he refused. The NBPP then enlisted the aid of Durham Police Department officers, who did their bidding and escorted Harrison away from the Panthers.

"They said I was creating a disturbance," Harrison said afterward. "It wasn't me creating the disturbance. I was just trying to do my job."

Yep, a new dawn is coming. All of this "dialogue" and "raised awareness" and "healing" is gonna do the trick.

The New Black Panthers are not in the market for harmony or justice or solutions. They recruit by raising racial tensions. Actual healing would put race-baiters like them out of business. So, they bait away, and Durham will be much, much worse for it.

More healing from the loveable Shabazz, here.