Duke Lacrosse Confusion Continues

Posted: Apr 20, 2006 8:23 AM

Bulldog Pundit is getting info from a Durham resident that sounds consistent with what I heard around town when I was there:

Race may be playing a factor - but not how you think. The strippers were hired over the phone, and the person that called asked for white strippers. However, as everyone knows by know, neither of the strippers were white. When the strippers did come over they were clearly impaired - so much so that the alleged victim passed out on the back porch, and some of the players had to help her to the car because she couldn't walk. Further, the strippers did not even "perform" their show.

The most interesting thing my source mentioned was that the layout of the home was such that it was practically impossible for anyone to go upstairs without being seen by numerous people, in that the stairs were very close to where the party was taking place.

On the DNA tests - All the players gave DNA samples without hesitation because they knew nothing happened and the tests would come up "negative"

Finally, because of the blanket allegations that were made against the team, and because Duke (and the press) acted as if every player was guilty before facts came out several of the players have lost summer internships and job opportunities even though they had nothing to do with the incident.

I'm no prosecutor, so check out his legal analysis.

Nifong's statement about the indictments makes it clear he's on the hunt for the third alleged attacker, which has the rest of the lacrosse players understandably nervous.

The cab driver who picked up Seligmann that night says he acted normal during the cab ride, but he picked up another passenger from the house later that night who made negative comments about a stripper:

In an interview on MSNBC, Mostafa said he returned to the house later to pick up another customer. He said he remembered that person "said in a loud voice, 'She just a stripper.'"

Asked whether the second fare was complaining about the stripper or whether it appeared something bad had happened to her, Mostafa initially said he didn't "have any information about what was going on in the house."

"When I look back, he look like he mad at the stripper. Or the stripper, she going to call the police and she just a stripper. ... It look to me like somebody get hurt. But what kind of harm, ... I have no idea."

Meanwhile, everyone is awaiting the results of a second round of DNA tests.

Duke New Sense reports that the lawyer for accused player Colin Finnerty has no intention of making a deal.

And, Drudge points out that a teen accused of murder in Durham has a $50,000 bond while the Duke players' bonds were set at $400,000.