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How Do You Debate if There is No Truth?

Ask Ward Churchill.

He and David Horowitz faced off last night in a debate sponsored by Young America's Foundation and Students for Academic Freedom.

YAF has the full audio and a write-up.

Jeff Harrell says it wasn't much of a debate:

There is objective truth and that truth is this: The best way to debate Ward Churchill is to give him a microphone and let him go.

Cam Edwards was there, too, and provides a very entertaining write-up:

Churchill says he went to Elmwood Grade School in central Illinois! Quick blogosphere… someone find his report card! Churchill also just said he got a two weeks detention for voting socialist in a mock election. Okay, now I think we really DO need to find his report card.

“Ward seems to be very inquisitive, but he keeps poking Mary Sue with his ginormous chin and making her cry. Also, he voted socialist. I think you should send him to Red China. Sincerely, Mrs. Beasley”

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