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Broken Hearts, Broken Hips

All right, so in the process of putting this together, I've decided I might be a little, um, off. Y'all can be the judges. Since the Olympics started, I keep wanting to watch all the specacular Olympic crashes everyone's been talking about.


I mean, these kinds of crashes come along only once every couple of years, and I don't want to miss a thing. Luge doubles crashing just isn't something I'm gonna catch on SportsCenter with Stuart Scott "Boo yeah"-ing in the background, so I have to take advantage now.

Searching the video archives over at NBC, I thought to myself, "Why doesn't some sicko just collect all the crashes and put them behind a tab that says 'crashes' or 'broken dreams' or 'how much money did we spend on training, again?' or some such?"

Then I thought, "Hey, I can totally be that girl!"

I present to you the Gallery of Heartbreak and Hipbreak. Note that none of these athletes were seriously injured, and many of their recoveries are very inspiring. I'm not that sick.

  • Dangerous Dancing: I had NO idea ice dancing required this kind of intrepidity. Bravo.
  • Rock Music is Required: Because they're rebels, you see. NBC put this collection of snowboarding crashes together.
  • Jacobellis' Lost Gold: American Lindsey Jacobellis was coasting her way to a gold in the Women's Snowboard Cross final when she lost her footing after the second-to-last jump. Some say it was celebratory showboating that cost her the race. So sad.
  • Kildow Crashes: This is the first big crash I heard about, when American Lindsey Kildow went down hard in a downhill training run. The crash looks horrible, but she was back in competition two days later. Thank goodness.
  • Training Tumble: A Swiss ski jumper falls in training, but is expected to be fine for competition.
  • Boo Yeah!: American doubles lugers Mark Grimmette and Brian Martin meet the ice.
  • Luge Lacerations: American luger Samantha Retrosi lost control in the second round of competition in this scary crash, but thankfully, was treated for only a concussion and lacerations.
  • The Comeback: Chinese figure skaters recover from a pretty violent fall to win silver in the pairs competition. (See? I've got a heart.)
  • Crash and Burn: An NBC crash compilation complete with totally rockin' metal background music.
  • Bode averts total disaster: "Super G skiers go over 60mph. At that speed small mistakes can cause huge crashes. When you're Bode Miller, though, you can catch an edge, reach the verge of disaster, and ski away from catastrophe on just one leg."
  • Ohno's tripped up: "Defending Olympic champion Apolo Anton Ohno stumbled in his semifinal heat and failed to advance in the 1500m." It was on a last-minute pass he didn't even need to qualify. Ouch.

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