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CPAC Tidbits

Robert Bluey of Human Events reports on the Cheney speech at CPAC last night. He avoided some hot-button issues, but pleased the crowd by hitting on ANWR drilling, making tax cuts permanent, and earmark reform.


Ryan Sager was unimpressed by George Allen, who also spoke last night. Note that he says we can hold this post against him if Allen wins the Republican nomination in '08.

Support for Allen and Rice have been most visible at this year's CPAC. Condi's support looks wider than Allen's, and I don't think I've seen a McCain button or bumper sticker anywhere. There's a Giuliani fan here and there, as well. My favorite T-shirt is, "Pence 2008." Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Just to prove that the coalition isn't falling apart entirely, despite Reuters' deepest wishes, I went out with a whole bunch of libertarians last night, including Julian Sanchez. Good times were had by all. I finally got to meet Ace, which was great. Just doing my part to hold everyone together, over here.

La Shawn Barber is also here, and she's spotted an endangered species in the exhibit hall.

I'm going to see John Bolton speak tonight at the dinner. Will report back.

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