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Turning Over a New Maple Leaf?

It's a big day in Canada. Our Northern neighbors are going to the polls today for an election that most are predicting will remove the long-ruling and scandal-plagued Liberals from power.


You gotta love the lede on this Reuters story:

Canadian political leaders on Sunday made one last cross-country dash on the eve of an election expected to oust the ruling Liberals, move Canada to the right and improve ties with the United States.

Oust liberals, move to the right, and improve ties with the U.S. all in one day? Like I said-- big day for Canada.

Conservative PM candidate Stephen Harper is touted as the likely winner over Paul Martin, but it's unclear whether Conservatives will be able to capture a majority in Parliament, so Harper end up working with a coalition government.

Captain's Quarters is, of course, on top of the story. Capt. Ed will be live-blogging the returns tonight, and links to a handful of other blogs covering the elections.

My friend Lanny has been on the ground in Canada lo these many months and remains so today. He hasn't been able to blog lately, but before he left to stomp the snow and knock on doors, he collected a couple of links for watching the developing conservative revolution.

Michelle Malkin predicts liberals in Canada may come down with some very serious cases of PEST.

The Toronto Star reports that it may be late into the night before anyone knows the true shape of the government Canadians have elected.

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