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Post-Christmas Catching Up

There are 30 grandmas, cousins, aunts, and uncles coming to the Ham house today, so I figured I better blog it up while I can, before my mother calls me out for being remiss in my casserole-carrying duties or some such.


I was up late into the night last night making apple pies. No, really. From scratch, dab of flour on my flushed cheeks and everything. I was using my brand new "Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook"-- you know, the one that's been red-and-white checkered since the dawn of time, giving you the false impression that everything you make is going to taste as good as when your grandmother made it. At least, that's the way it works for me. But I like the cookbook.

I think I'll do a round-up, since lots of blog-readers are probably behind on the blogosphere, as I am at this point.

But before that, I'm going to get just a little "War on Christmas" on you. I didn't want to be bitter-blogger yesterday, so I left it alone, but did anyone see the Google logo yesterday? Here's what they gave us to commemorate the birth of Christ and the first day of Hannukah.

As a friend of mine said, "because everyone knows the true meaning of Christmas is that cats and mice should work together to industrialize." Heh. Yep, I'm pretty sure that's in there-- Book of Jerry, Chapter 5. Look it up.

It's not that I'm angry about this, but I do feel like Google goes from looking sensitive to looking downright silly when it just pretends Christmas isn't there at all, while commemorating other holidays. Just silly.

Or, maybe they're just going for a really subtle "lion lay down with the lamb" thing. Very subtle.

Michelle Malkin has a list of the year's "unhinged" moments, with video.


Lorie Byrd finds the DCCC being naughty on Christmas.

Ankle Biting Pundits bloggers and readers list their favorite gifts. Mine was the cookbook, I think. One of those things you didn't even know you wanted until you got it.

My friend Andy sent me this post, which compares college football teams to Simpsons characters. Here's the bit on my alma mater, The University of Georgia:

Like Homer, the Dawgs are a good-hearted bunch who aren't always the most socially acceptable people in any given group, but they mean well. Ever since Vince Dooley surrendered the job of head coach, they've been hoping someone will call them "sir" without adding "you're making a scene," and though season after season seems to have been set up for breakthrough success in recent years, they still manage to trip over something along the way.

Look for your team. There are a ton.

Instapundit pointed me to a Christmas Eve concert in Iraq.

And, the world marks one year since the tsunami.

Marginal Revolution talks about the economic depreciation of Christmas gifts.

And then there's the real meaning of Christmas, in Luke 2.

For God so loved the world. Merry, Merry Christmas. I hope you had a good one. Now, back to setting tables and sprinkling cinnamon.

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