BLM Mob Repeatedly Attacks a Church in New York

Posted: Jul 07, 2020 8:05 PM

In case you still thought the Black Lives Matter organization was just about protesting police brutality, think again. A video of BLM protesters chanting their titular slogan while invading Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York has gone viral on social media.

The confrontations took place Sunday, June 28th and the mob apparently targeted the congregation after seeing fliers encouraging members to enter to "win a FREE AR-15" gun, according to the Times Union. The church has given away firearms in the past, both in 2014  and 2017, which caused Pastor John Koletas to receive death threats. Pastor Koletas' sermons are also unapologetically politically incorrect, calling out the recent riots as motivated by sin and exhorting congregants to kneel to no one but Jesus. 

More videos have surfaced showing protesters harassing a mother and her three small children trying to enter the church. The mob verbally attacked her, shouting, “This is no house of God,” "Why are you bringing a baby into a church?” and “I’m calling [Child Protective Services] on you." The video ends with the crowd chanting, “Save those kids" and one protester yelling, "Save those babies," an ironic statement from someone affiliated with an organization aligned with Planned Parenthood. 

Another clip shows a black family being escorted into the church by fellow parishioners as the group hurls insults at them: 

The mob blocked the entrance to the church, apparently claiming that they had a right to swarm the sidewalk because they paid taxes and the church did not. The crowd erupted in chants of, “Whose street? Our street!” 

At one point, a male churchgoer attempted to get past the mob, who hauled him away. That’s when punches started being thrown and the confrontation turned from hostile to violent. Police intervened to break up the fight.  

It didn't end there. BLM protesters told congregants the church was "going up in flames tonight" and screamed that "Jesus doesn't love you." In one video, a protester who appears to be a witch casts a spell in front of the church. 

Despite the attacks, Grace Baptist Church has shown no sign of caving. 

“We will NEVER apologize to the mob!” the church tweeted.

Police made no arrests during the incident.