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AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

This month, Townhall reported that the American Academy of Pediatrics plans to review the evidence for irreversible, experimental transgender care for children. For years, the organization has pushed for this kind of care for children and for those around them to “affirm” their gender identity. In recent years, schools have created policies surrounding affirming children’s gender identities, and, in some cases, keeping it a secret from their parents.

This week, parental rights organization Parents Defending Education found that a public school district in Indiana created a “gender support plan” for students who believe they are “transgender.” The plan is derived from Gender Spectrum, an organization that pushes gender ideology into school subjects and pushes for young children to explore their “gender identity.” 

Documents obtained by PDE and shared exclusively with Townhall it show that Carmel Clay Schools puts a plan in place for the transgender student’s “go-to adult” at school, accommodations for overnight school excursions, and a course of action when a student’s incorrect gender identity pronouns are used (via Parents Defending Education):

The district’s support plan asks for a “student’s gender” and “assigned sex at birth” as if the two were separate. The following questions are asked on the gender support plan:

  • Who will be the point person for ensuring these adjustments are made and communicated as needed?

  • How will instances be handled in which the incorrect name or pronoun are used?

  • Who will be student’s “go to adult” at school?

  • Student chooses to use the following restroom(s) on campus.

  • Student chooses to change clothes in the following places.

  • What are expectations regarding the use of facilities for class trips?

  • What are the expectations regarding rooming for any overnight trips?

  • Are there any specific social dynamics with other students, families, or staff members that need to be discussed or accounted for?

  • Are there lessons, units, content of other activities coming up this year to consider (growth and development, biological body parts, social justice units, name projects, dance instruction, Pride events, school dances, swimming, etc)?

  • If the student has asserted a degree of privacy, what are expectations of Carmel Clay Schools if that privacy is compromised? How will a teacher/staff member respond to questions about students gender from:

    • “Parents/Community” is provided as part of this question.

"This template is based in pseudoscience and ideology and has no place in a school. The biggest red flag, and there are many, is that school officials agree, in writing, to keep secrets from parents if that is what the student requests,” Erika Sanzi, the director of outreach at PDE, told Townhall.

Supporters of the LGBTQ+ agenda often claim that people who identify as “transgender,” specifically “trans” children, are at risk of suicide if others do not “affirm” their gender identity through “social transitioning” as well as undergoing experimental, irreversible treatments and surgeries. Social transitioning includes going by a different name and preferred pronouns. Townhall has covered how many school districts across the country have been caught trying to conceal this information from parents. 

Last month, Townhall covered how PDE found that Seattle Public Schools’ School Based Health Centers offer middle and high school students access to certain types of gender mutilation care, including referrals for irreversible surgeries. Recently, Ohio GOP Sen. J.D. Vance introduced legislation to outlaw irreversible transgender surgeries for minors.

“Under no circumstances should doctors be allowed to perform these gruesome, irreversible operations on underage children. With this legislation, we have an opportunity to save countless young Americans from a lifetime of suffering and regret….I look forward to working with my Senate colleagues to protect children from these life-altering procedures,” Vance told The Daily Caller, who first reported on the story.


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