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Riley Gaines Responds to Brittney Griner Saying She Supports Men in Women’s Sports

AP Photo/Darren Abate

Former University of Kentucky swimmer turned women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines called out WNBA star Brittney Griner and soccer player Megan Rapinoe’s support of male-bodied athletes who identify as “transgender” competing in women’s sports. 


To recap, Griner said in a recent press conference that it is a “crime” to ban transgender athletes, like Will “Lia” Thomas, from women’s sports.

“Everyone deserves the right to play. Everyone deserves the right to come here, sit in these seats, and feel safe,” Griner said. “I think it’s a crime to separate someone for any reason. So, I will definitely be speaking up against that legislation and those laws that are trying to be passed.”

“Which NBA team would have @brittneygriner since apparently the overwhelming, obvious differences between men and women should simply be overlooked?” Gaines tweeted in response to Griner’s remarks. “Heartbreaking to see athletically successful women take this demeaning stance.”

“And if we’re going to talk about crimes, Brittney…” Gaines added, referring to the fact that Griner was locked up in Russia on drug-related charges for nearly 10 months. 


Outkick pointed out that Griner dominated in her sport because she is 6-foot-9 and 205 pounds, while the average WNBA player stands 5’11 to 6 feet tall. 

In an interview with Fox News Tonight, Gaines said that female athletes like Griner are “undermining” the fight for women’s rights. 

“All of these women who fought for women’s rights, equal opportunity, equal access, equal resources, equal pay — they are now undermining their fight. They are actively fighting to take away those opportunities from other women,” Gaines said. 

“I get messages all the time from people within the LGBTQ community, specifically the LGB community, who are so frustrated by this,” she continued. “These are people who call themselves lifelong liberals, yet they see the problem, they see the harm that women face when we’re allowing males into our spaces, into our sports, into our locker rooms — taking away our opportunities.”

Townhall has highlighted all the biological males masquerading as women who’ve been celebrated in sports, beauty pageants, and earned brand deals with makeup and lingerie companies. Lia Thomas pushed the issue of women’s sports to the forefront last year after he  competed on the women’s swim team at the University of Pennsylvania after competing on the men’s team for three years. Thomas robbed biological women of opportunities and won races competing against women. At the NCAA championships, Thomas took home a NCAA Division I Title. And, when Thomas tied against Riley Gaines at the NCAA championships, he was permitted to take the trophy home, while Gaines left empty-handed.


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