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Jared Soares

Seven past and present members of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority filed a lawsuit against the University of Wyoming after it admitted a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman.


The members, who remained anonymous, filed the lawsuit against the sorority, its council president, Mary Pat Rooney, and “Terry Smith,” which is a pseudonym for the transgender member, who goes by Artemis Langford. The women are seeking to have Langford’s membership voided, Outkick reported.

The lawsuit, filed on Monday in the U.S. District Court for Wyoming, alleges that “Terry Smith” has displayed “disturbing behavior” (via Outkick):

“Mr. Smith has, while watching members enter the sorority house, had an erection visible through his leggings,” the suit claims. “Other times, he has had a pillow in his lap.”

It also says that Langford “repeatedly questioned the women about what vaginas look like, breast cup size, whether women were considering breast reductions and birth control.”

In another incident, Langford was allegedly asked to leave a sorority slumber party. They did not comply, saying they’d leave “after you fall asleep.”

The lawsuit also claims that the typically anonymous voting process the sorority uses was abandoned for Langford’s admittance. In its place was an online poll that required users to sign in. It’s alleged that the women were told they could only vote “no” on Langford if they could give a specific reason.

“If members had not met Mr. Smith, then a ‘no’ vote was evidence that the member was a bigot.”

The feminist publication Reduxx reported that Langford is attracted to women and still maintains online dating profiles aimed at meeting women. On top of that, specific women have had strange encounters with Langford: 


The complaint adds that Langford is “sexually interested in women” as evidenced by his Tinder profile “through which he seeks to meet women.” It is further alleged that Langford took photographs of the women while at a sorority slumber party, where he also is said to have made inappropriate comments.


Langford “was supposed” to leave the slumber party by 10 p.m. that evening but did not, saying that he intended to leave after the women fell asleep. After singing to himself at approximately 11 p.m., Langford finally left the residence at midnight, only to return the next morning.

At that time, it is stated that Langford stood silently in the corner of the room while watching other pledges change out of their sleeping garments.

The lawsuit also highlighted a disturbing incident involving one of the women as she changed her clothing. Unaware that Langford had returned to the house, she faced away from the women and removed her shirt. The woman, who was not wearing a bra, turned to discover Langford staring at her after she had put on a clean shirt.

Langford, 21, joined the sorority last fall, which Townhall covered


“I feel so glad to be in a place that I think not only shares my values, but to be in a sisterhood of awesome women that want to make history,” Langford told the school’s newspaper Branding Iron, at the time. “They want to break the glass ceiling, trailblazing you know, and I certainly feel that as their first trans member, at least in the chapter in Wyoming history.”

According to Outkick, by doing this, Langford broke the sorority’s policy against members acting as KKG spokespeople to the media. Reportedly, nothing ever came of it, but biological females in the sorority were not given the option to speak to the media to share their thoughts on the matter. 

The outlet noted that Langford is 6’2, weighs 260 pounds, and currently does not reside in the sorority house. But, Langford is reportedly preparing to move in for the upcoming year.


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