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Jacquelyn Martin, Pool

Last month, a poll showed that the majority of Americans were deeply concerned about the direction of the country under President Joe Biden’s leadership. And, a separate poll weeks later showed that the majority of Americans were upset with most aspects of the country at the moment. Now, a poll claims that Biden’s approval rating is upticking and that Democrats are more enthusiastic about him running for reelection than before.

According to the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, Biden’s approval rating has hit its highest point in almost a year after his recent State of the Union address. 

Last year, Biden’s approval rating was recorded at 36 percent. Now, it is up to 46 percent overall and 49 percent among registered voters. Reportedly, Biden’s approval rating hasn’t been at 49 percent since his administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021.

“One warning sign, however, is that Biden still is lagging with independents – just 36% of them approve of the job he's doing,” NPR noted in its write-up of the poll.

And, the poll reportedly indicates that Democrats have changed their tune about Biden seeking reelection in 2024.

“Lots of surveys, including Marist's, have shown that members of Biden's own party think he's too old and they'd have a better chance of winning the White House with someone else – although there's been little agreement on who that should be,” the write-up said. “That's changed in this survey. Now, 50% say they have the best chance with Biden, while 45% think the best chance lies with a different candidate.”

The poll saw the biggest shift with voters who “peeled away from Trump” after the 2016 election. 

This month, Townhall covered how a new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll showed that just 37 percent of Democrats say they want to see Biden seek a second term in office. Biden's age largely impacted the results.

In the follow-up interviews, many respondents showed that Democrat voters believe that Biden’s age is a liability for him, with many pointing out his coughing, his gait, and his gaffes point to the fact that the office should be held by someone younger. 

“I, honestly, think that he would be too old,” Sarah Overman, a 37-year-old Democrat voter from North Carolina, told AP. “We could use someone younger in the office.”

And, a recent poll from Emerson College showed that former President Donald Trump is leading current President Joe Biden in a 2024 presidential rematch. In previous polls conducted by Emerson, it showed that Biden would win against Trump. 

The NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll included more than 1,300 adults, including 1,200 registered voters and was conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. Where all adults are referred to has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points.Specifically among the 570 Democrats and Independents who lean Democrat, there was a margin of error of plus or minus 5.1 percentage points.


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