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Canadian ‘Trans’ Pedophile Moved to Women’s Prison With Mother-and-Baby Unit

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A Canadian pedophile who raped a three-month-old infant as a teenager now identifies as transgender and was moved to a women’s prison that houses a mother-and-baby unit. 


According to Daily Mail, Adam Laboucan, who became a sex offender at 17-years-old, began identifying as a woman in 2018 and started going by the name “Tara.” Laboucan received irreversible transgender surgery in 2018.

After the transition, Laboucan was given permission to be transferred to Fraser Valley Institution, a women’s prison. Daily Mail pointed out that he is housed in a cell bordering unit where incarcerated mothers can live with their children up to seven years old.

According to Reduxx, one female inmate at Fraser Valley said that Laboucan has been caught “staring” at the children to “antagonize” the women. In one instance, she had been invited to attend a volunteer appreciation event and brought her infant son with her. At the event, a guard “secretly” informed her that Laboucan was in attendance. The guard told the inmate of Laboucan’s crimes against the baby.

“I was told that there was an extremely violent child sex offender present who hadn’t been in the presence of a young child in a very long time,” she said, adding that her own child was around the same age as Laboucan’s infant victim.


Daily Mail noted that Laboucan became the youngest criminally violent sex offender in Canada once he was convicted of raping the infant. During his trial, he reportedly confessed to another violent crime but was not charged because of his age at the time (via Daily Mail):

Laboucan's crime was considered so violent, and his ensuing behavior while incarcerated so unpredictable, he was handed a rare prison sentence with no determinate length. During his trial, he also confessed to drowning a three-year-old boy when he was just 11.


During his incarceration, Laboucan has requested and been denied parole numerous times.

One parole board rejected him in 2010 citing 'bizarre sexual behavior' they felt posed a threat to the public, including 'gender identity, impulsive behaviour, violence and sexual deviance,' according to CTV News.

The board cited Laboucan admitting to sexually abusing relatives and friends while he was free. 'Mutilation of your penis has also occurred, with you claiming [you] want to be female,' the board said.

It also noted the drowning murder of the three-year-old, which Laboucan committed in a fit of rage. Because he was under 12 when the killing occurred, Canadian law did not charge him with the crime. 

Laboucan also exhibited violence in and sexual deviance in jail. The parole board noted he had been found serving as a prostitute to other inmates, taking drugs was caught with a homemade knife, stabbed a fellow inmate, and threatened to murder a female prison guard.


Reportedly, Laboucan posted on a dating profile in 2018 that he’d had sex reassignment surgery and breast implants. Reduxx pointed out that it is speculated that tax dollars may have paid for the operations.

This week, in Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon unexpectedly resigned following months of outrage over her “relaxed” laws about transgender people. According to the New York Post, under her leadership, a male rapist who began identifying as a woman was moved to a women’s prison, which Townhall covered. Following intense backlash, it was announced that the rapist would be moved to a different facility to await sentencing.

According to the Post, Sturgeon said that outrage over her transgender policies was not the “final straw.” 

“I have been, and will always be, a feminist,” she claimed.

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