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AP Photo/Armando Franca

In October, England’s National Health Service issued a warning that most children who identify as “transgender” are going through a “transient phase” they will eventually grow out of, which Townhall covered. Despite this, pro-transgender advocacy groups continue to push the agenda on children, and some schools even hide students’ gender transitions from their parents.

Dr. Rittakerttu Kaltiala, one of Finland’s top experts on pediatric gender medicine, said in an interview late last month that “four out of five” children who believe that their biological sex does not align with their gender identity will eventually grow out of their gender confusion in their teenage years.

Kaltiala is the chief psychiatrist at Tampere University, Finland’s largest pediatric gender clinic, according to The Daily Wire. In her role, she treats children suffering from gender dysphoria. In the interview with Helsingin Sanomat, the country’s top subscription newspaper, Kaltiala said that her role as a psychiatrist is to help children accept themselves the way they are, even if they are having confusion about their gender, because eventually, most will become older and feel like they align with their biological sex.

"Acceptance is saying that you are a boy who feels like you are a girl. It's okay and you can be who you are and let's see what happens when you grow up,” Kaltiala said. She advises families to monitor the situation, give their child peace of mind, and treat anxiety and other underlying, possibly related issues.

Kaltiala’s interview came as the Finnish government adapted a new gender self-identification law for adults. According to Amnesty.org, transgender activists believe that “excluding children from legal gender recognition violates the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.” 

Kaltiala believes that the age limit should not be lowered to include children. 

"The young person tries out different identities and is prone to suggestion. In one situation he feels that he is one and in another another. It's normal in adolescence,” she said. 

“It’s a message saying that this is the right path for you,” she said of extending the gender self-ID law to children.

According to the interview, almost all of Kaltiala’s patients are biological girls suffering from confusion about their gender in their teens. Three out of four also have serious mental health problems, she noted. And, a trans child pushing others to “affirm” their perceived gender identity does not solve it. 

“The balance of the mind does not come from making others do and see what you want,” she explained.

And, Kaltiala slammed the narrative used by pro-transgender advocates that children will commit suicide if those around them do not affirm their gender identity.

"It is not justified to tell the parents of young people experiencing transgenderism that without corrective treatment the young person is at risk of suicide without corrective treatment and that the danger can be countered with gender reassignment treatment,” she said, pointing that a study found that the psychological well-being of minors who underwent hormonal treatment worsened as a result.


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