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Children’s Hospital Gender Program Navigator Touts Uterine Transplants for Trans Men from 'Live Donors'

AP Photo/Armando Franca

A children's hospital’s “gender program navigator” claimed in remarks last May that healthy women can donate their reproductive organs to biological men who identify as “transgender women.” 


The presentation on “Fertility in the LGBTQIA+ community” was unearthed this week and circulated on Twitter. The speaker, Alicyn Simpson, who is transgender, is a “community navigator” for a youth gender program at the University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, according to Fox News.

“One area that had not been looked at before in any serious way was, could the donors be live donors?" Simpson said while discussing a slide detailing a “uterine transplant.” Simpson noted that previous discussions about the topic involved “cadaver-based” donors.

“Live donation has been something the [transgender] community has talked about for decades, it was really thought about as magical thinking,” Simpson added. “This would be a live donation from a person who is assigned female at birth but identified as a transgender man. They say, ‘I have these parts. I don’t want them. You want them. You need them. So, what if I gave them to you?’”

Simpson, who transitioned 30 years ago, claimed that this type of operation would be “viable” and that “one of the main reasons I do the work that I do, is the desire to push us in that direction.” This, along with surgeries like a “vaginal transplant.” Simpson is reportedly involved in the hospital's Gender and Sexual Development Program targeted at children.


“There's something insidious about taking wombs from perfectly healthy young women and transplanting them into men,” political commentator Ian Miles Cheong wrote in response.

And, the UPMC Children’s website states that it provides irreversible “gender-affirming” care to people up to age 26, including hormone replacement therapy and mental health services. 

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