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Oklahoma Transgender Student Charged With Assaulting Female Students in School Bathroom

Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

A transgender student in Oklahoma was reportedly charged with assault after the student allegedly punched two female students at their high school. 

The incident, which reportedly happened in October, took place in the women’s restroom at the high school, though Oklahoma has a law on the books that requires students to use facilities that align with their biological sex rather than their gender identity (via Fox News): 


According to the report filed Oct. 26 and obtained by Fox News Digital, the transgender student listed as student "A" entered the restroom and spoke to a female student. After some contentious words were exchanged, a fight broke out.

The student victim, labeled as "V" on the redacted report, told police she was speaking with friends in the girls' bathroom when student "A" approached her with a question. After telling "A" she didn't want to speak with her and why, "A" became angry and asked her if she "wanted to fight" before hitting her in the face. The alleged assailant continued to hit, kick and pull student "V's" hair.

"V" told police the strength of "A"'s punch left her unable to fight back. One friend reported they tried to help, but they were also struck in the face twice. A witness said they worried about their friend because the assailant was "a man."

According to the report, police saw that one of the victims had injuries on her eye, face, and head and may have suffered a concussion. The transgender student was reportedly charged with single counts of disorderly conduct and assault and battery. During the police investigation, it was revealed that the transgender student’s name was not listed on his birth certificate. Still, the student’s mother said her child was “born male but identified as female.”


Reportedly, the mother blamed one of the victims for bullying her child. The school told Fox News that the transgender child is no longer a student. On top of that, a school representative said that the transgender student had only begun attending “days before” the incident, and the school administrator was unaware of his birth gender.

"On October 26, administrators at Edmond Memorial High School investigated an injury fight between three students in a women’s restroom. During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that one of the students involved in the fight is transgender and was using the women’s restroom in violation of state law and district policy #5540 which requires students to use restrooms according to the sex on their birth certificate," district representative Susan Parks-Schlepp said, adding that “the family did not provide a birth certificate at the time of the enrollment but assured Edmond Memorial High School personnel that the documentation was forthcoming."

Matt reported this month how the school board in Loudoun County, Virginia, was accused of covering up sexual assaults by a male student who identified as “gender fluid.” As Matt noted, the student was never held accountable and was switched to another school where another assault reportedly occurred. One of the attacks occurred inside one of the school’s restrooms.


A grand jury review of the incidents showed that there were “systematic failures” from the school administration. As Matt pointed out, “the interests of the school administration were placed higher than that of student safety and the community, with the review board noting there were attempts by school administrators to obstruct their investigation and obfuscate the truth. In a closed two-hour session, the school board voted to fire Superintendent Scott Zeigler immediately on December 6, though he will still be able to collect his $323,000 salary.”

And Ziegler faces four misdemeanor charges, including false publication and threatening to retaliate against a school employee. 

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