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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Townhall has covered how the Biden administration has made climate change one of its top issues since President Joe Biden assumed office. This week, as Katie reported, Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg praised California’s recent decision to ban gas-powered cars by 2035. His remarks came days after California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) begged residents not to charge their electric vehicles and other large electronics to avoid overheating the electric grid into rolling blackouts.

According to NPR, the state’s ban on gas-powered vehicles was part of its plan to address climate change. Newsom called the plan “groundbreaking” and “world-leading.” Except those who currently own electric cars are encouraged not to charge them.

“Transportation is the largest source of climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions in the country, and scientists have said in increasingly dire language that drastic cuts to those emissions are crucial to providing a livable future on the planet,” NPR claimed. It added that Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act “aims to move consumers that way by providing tax credits to people looking to buy new or used electric vehicles.” 

Now, a poll out this week found that more than half of adults surveyed across 34 countries say climate change has had a “severe” impact on their lives, according to an Ipsos/World Economic Forum poll released Thursday. This included 48 percent of Americans.

According to the poll results, 71 percent of respondents expect climate change to have a “severe impact” in their area over the next ten years. Thirty-five percent said they expect to be “displaced” from their home in the next 25 years because of climate change, including 33 percent of Americans.

The poll write-up explains that “regional difference” played a part in the findings. For example, those in the western United States who’ve dealt with “extreme heat, drought, forest fires or floods” have “incurred severe effects of climate change.”

The poll included 23,507 adults under 75 between July 22 and Aug. 5. 

Townhall reported this month how a spokesperson from the  Department of Education claimed that teachers who are striking ahead of the 2022-2023 school year are doing so because of climate change. This came after reports broke that school districts were given the funds to fix HVAC systems and other issues for teachers and students to return to school after the pandemic. Despite this, some teachers refuse to return to work. And, in several cities, such as Baltimore, children were sent home from school due to inefficient HVAC systems during a heat wave. 

However, that spokesperson from the department said they were confident that school districts are spending ARP funds appropriately and that no one is “immune” to climate change.

"We continue to urge schools to use all available resources, including funds we’ve provided through the American Rescue Plan, to support a safe and healthy in-person learning environment as far too communities face record heat,” the ED spokesperson told Fox News.

"No one is immune from the impacts of climate change, which is why the Biden administration has made it a top priority to invest in improving community resilience, making heating and cooling more efficient and affordable, and reducing pollution," the spokesperson added. 


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