Transgender Activists Reportedly ‘Groomed’ Teenager Who Regrets Undergoing ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgery

Posted: May 19, 2022 1:15 PM
Transgender Activists Reportedly ‘Groomed’ Teenager Who Regrets Undergoing ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgery

Source: AP Photo/Armando Franca

Daily Mail reported Wednesday how a teenage girl was “groomed” by transgender activists and provided drugs to transition into a man after a one-hour long consultation at a “gender clinic” as a teenager. She is now trying to de-transition back into a woman due to the “irreversible effects” it had on her body.

Reportedly, “Tanya” began “transitioning” to live as a man at 18 years year while dealing with bipolar disorder, autism, anxiety and depression. Now, at age 21, Tanya is struggling with suicidal thoughts as she works to reverse the effects of the gender transition process.

Tanya took the hormone testosterone for 18 months and was later supported by the trans community with crowdfunding to raise money for breast removal.

Three years after her journey to manhood began, Tanya admitted herself into a mental hospital on the verge of suicide. Ms Hunter said her daughter begged her to help save her from what she had become.

By then, the testosterone that had pumped through her veins had wrought irreversible effects on Tanya's body.

Her voice had deepened, her hairline receded and she had a significant redistribution of body fat. 

Tanya's female body had become masculine, including a massive increase of body and facial hair. 

She now suffered ongoing vaginal atrophy and dryness, causing her significant pain and requiring constant medication.

Tanya’s mother told Daily Mail that she blames “sections of the transgender community for bending her daughter’s fragile mind to suit their agenda.” She added that her daughter was “beguiled, groomed and kidnapped” by the transgender community and that “there will be a tsunami of kids like our daughter.”

“It is like being brainwashed in a cult and if you don’t go along with it you are punished,” she continued. “The parents who say, ‘no it's not the right thing to do’ are (attacked) by the kids and the online sites tell them to turn their back on their family. ‘Get rid of your family. We are your family now,'” she said.

Reportedly, Hunter took Tanya do a psychiatrist after she threatened suicide a few years ago. She was admitted to the mental health ward where they told Hunter she “had a son” and “there was a male name above [Tanya’s] bed.” The hospital referred her to the John Hunter Hospital where she was put on testosterone, allegedly without parental consent, after two short appointments. 

Now, Tanya “deeply regrets” taking testosterone. She and her mother visited the clinic that provided the transgender treatment. They knocked on the door and spoke to two doctors, who reportedly ignored their concerns. 

“It was like talking to a brick wall,” Hunter said.

“Telling our girls that being uncomfortable in puberty is a “medical condition” have lost their moral and ethical compass,” Hunter added. “The medical professionals who are telling teenage girls to have double mastectomies before they have reached adulthood are evil.”

“A generation of young people are being harmed and failed.”