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23-Year-Old Woman Tells Tucker Carlson She Regrets Transitioning as a Teenager

AP Photo/Armando Franca

Fox News television host Tucker Carlson interviewed a 23-year-old woman named Helena Kerschner this month who de-transitioned from becoming a man. 

In the interview intro, Kerschner explained that when she was about 15, she started using the social media platform Tumblr. She had an eating disorder and saw messaging on the platform that said “if you feel bad about your body, that means you’re trans.” She felt that being a white, cisgender woman made her “uncool” and an “oppressor.” She felt incentivized to “figure out a way to make [her] voice heard” so she started “playing around with the gender stuff.”


Kerschner told Carlson in their sit-down interview that she feels afraid for young people now that there is adult leadership pushing for “gender-affirming” care. Townhall covered how Biden administration agencies released guidance on “Transgender Day of Visibility” that promoted this type of health care for minors.

“The White House actually just put out a chart yesterday that says that some of these steps are reversible, or partially reversible, but that’s such an oversimplification of the truth,” Kerschner said. “When you go on a cross sex hormone, like, that’s going to give you not just physical changes but psychological experiences that you can’t just act like they never happened.” 

 She added that there are women she knows who are teenagers who’ve undergone a double mastectomy. 

“There’s a lot of people out there, especially parents, who are really thankful for what I’m saying because they see that their young girl or their young boy is going through this. And the school is telling them ‘you need to affirm them, they’re trans, you need to transition them,’ all their doctors are telling them ‘you need to transition them,’ and these parents, they know that their child should not be having these cosmetic procedures,” she said. 


Watch the interview below.

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