Pro-Abortion Groups to Spend $150 Million Ahead of 2022 Midterms

Posted: May 02, 2022 11:15 AM
Pro-Abortion Groups to Spend $150 Million Ahead of 2022 Midterms

Source: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Three major pro-abortion organizations will spend $150 million ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. 

According to Politico, the three groups, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and EMILY’s List will spend the $150 million on paid advertisments, field programs, messaging research and polling in nine battleground states; California, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Six of the states will have competitive Senate races this year and all nine are home to gubernatorial elections.

Politico noted in its report that “Democrats are increasingly worried that voters who support abortino rights, especially suburban women who were key to their victories in 2018 and 2020, are not motivated to turn out in November.”

“Let this be a warning to the out-of-touch politicians standing in the way of our reproductive freedom: People are watching. People are furious. And this November, the people will vote you out,” Alexis McGill Johnson, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said in a statement to Politico.

However, the 2022 midterms are predicted to be a bloodbath for Democrats. Ballotpedia shows that there are 30 House Democrats who will not be seeking reelection. As Townhall has covered, some of these include longtime Members of Congress like Rep. Jackie SpeierRep. Bobby Rush (IL) and Rep. Jim Cooper (TN). 

Shortly after announcing his retirement, Cooper said in an interview with the Nashville Scene that the Democratic Party is “facing extinction” in his state.

“I was alert to the danger. I tried to warn everyone I could. Very few people wanted to listen, and now the worst has happened,” Cooper said in the interview. 

“The Democratic Party in Tennessee is basically facing extinction,” he added. “We’ve been on a long downhill slide for a long time.”

Cooper continued, explaining that Democrats are not alert and are ill-prepared to future dangers to their party.

“Our party needs to improve its management capabilities,” he stated. “We do not anticipate and organize and plan.”