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CNN Celebrates Abortion Clinic Escort Who Mocks Pro-Life Protesters on TikTok

Timothy Tai/Columbia Daily Tribune via AP, File

CNN released a video this week praising an abortion clinic escort who films TikTok videos mocking pro-life supporters outside her abortion clinic. 

“Escort captian” Shelley Mann works at an abortion clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska. CNN said her job is to “protect the clinic’s patients from the anti-abortion protesters who line its perimeter.” She described that she takes a lap around the building every morning before the other staffers arrive to look for “anything suspicious.”


On the daily, pro-life supporters line up outside the clinic, rain or shine, to pray and protest abortion. Some of the protesters call out to the patients who arrive to offer to help them choose life for their unborn child.

After working at the clinic for some time, Mann began broadcasting her encounters with the pro-life supporters outside the clinic on the video-sharing app TikTok.

In one instance, CNN filmed Mann approaching a woman holding a rubber fetus and zooming in on it with her phone, telling her followers that it’s “not a tootsie roll.”

Mann told CNN that adding “an element of humor” by filming the protesters “certainly makes everybody lighten a little bit up.”

In a separate instance in 2020, Mann filmed herself engaged in a physical altercation with a protester.

However, CNN’s firsthand footage at the clinic showed only a handful of protesters on the sidewalks, either praying, offering help to patients when they exit their cars, or holding up signs of pre-born babies.

Dan, one of the protesters outside the clinic, told CNN that he has been part of the anti-aboriton movement since 1973 when Roe v. Wade became the law of the land. 

“When I meet my maker, I hope the good Lord has a lot of mercy because I carry a lot of guilt that I haven’t been here enough,” Dan told CNN as he stood outside the clinic.

Another protester, a woman who appeared on camera but withheld her name, said “we are always keeping them [the patients] in our prayers as we’re out here.” She added that they “call out” and “offer help.” Many other protesters were seen lined up silently praying.


In the video, CNN interviewed Dr. LeRoy Carhart, who works at the clinic and performs third-trimester abortions. He said he’s looking at getting more doctors to help him. 

CNN pointed out that Carhart’s “best friend and mentor” Dr. George Tiller, was killed by an anti-abortion supporter years ago. Carhart keeps a signed photo of Tiller meeting Democratic pro-abortion President Bill Clinton on his desk.

“I get tons of messages from people – really graphic and upsetting and violent descriptions of my death,” Mann said. 

She didn’t seem to realize the pro-lifer protesters’ concerns of “really graphic and upsetting and violent descriptions” of death inflicted on unborn babies every day inside the walls of the clinic.

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