Kamala Harris’ New Press Secretary Deleted Over 10,000 Tweets Before Taking Job

Posted: Mar 25, 2022 3:15 PM
Kamala Harris’ New Press Secretary Deleted Over 10,000 Tweets Before Taking Job

Source: AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski

Vice President Kamala Harris’ new press secretary deleted over 10,000 tweets before taking the position, Fox News reported Friday. 

Fox News Digital noted on Wednesday that Harris hired Kirsten Allen, who was Harris’ former deputy national press secretary during the 2020 Democratic primary race, to be her new press secretary. 

According to Fox, the mass deletion of Allen’s tweets occurred earlier this year when it became apparent that Symone Sanders’, Harris’ former spokeswoman, position in the vice president’s office was vacant. 

“Allen, amid the months-long vacancy for Harris' chief spokesperson role, deleted more than half of her posts on Twitter between Jan. 2 and 10 of this year. According to Social Blade, a social media analytics tool, Allen had 17,880 tweets on Jan. 2, 2022, but then about a week later she only had 7,286 tweets, which means she deleted over 10,000 tweets.

The deletion of the tweets came after Harris’ former spokeswoman, Symone Sanders, left the administration at the end of December 2021 and announced a week later she was joining MSNBC. 

While deleting tweets is sometimes a normal part of political job transitions in Washington, a person deleting over 10,000 tweets weeks before accepting a job in the vice president's office raises questions about the content on her page before it was scrubbed.

A Harris spokesperson told Fox News Digital that Allen was not in contact with the vice president's office until February of this year. However, it was known in December that Sanders' position would be opening up.”

Townhall covered this week how several Harris staffers have departed their roles in recent months, including Ashley Etienne, the former communications director, and Sanders, who took a job at MSNBC. In addition, an upcoming book reportedly claims that first lady Jill Biden questioned President Biden picking Harris for vice president.

In a segment on Friday, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, Wall Street Journal assistant editorial page director James Freeman, and Disruptive Tech Research founder Lou Basenese  discussed why Allen deleted thousands of tweets. 

“We all have things we wish we hadn’t said. 10,000 of them seems like a lot,” Freeman said. 

“It's a normal course of business in politics, you’re gonna make fun of your opponents. You’re going to criticize them until you become one of their team members,” Basenese added. “But when you delete all the tweets, like, how many people have to learn the hard way? There’s always a digital record. You’re going to get more scrutiny for trying to hide who you are just because you remove it from the internet doesn't mean it’s gone from it forever.”