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AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko appeared in an interview with CNN on Friday where he revealed that he is armed with an AK-47 with civilian defense forces and would fight against Russian soldiers in Kyiv. 


In the Skype interview, CNN anchor John Berman asked Poroshenko what he and his group are armed with and what their intentions are if they encounter Russian soldiers. 

Poroshenko showed that he is armed with a Kalashnikov rifle and said that his group has two machine guns. 

“We don’t have artillery, we don’t have tanks,” he said in the interview. “We launched this process just a couple days ago.”

Poroshenko continued, saying that Ukraine will deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin as a man with “lost reason.” 


“He’s just simply mad. He’s just simply crazy. He’s just simply evil. To come here to kill Ukrainians,” he added, claiming that around 130 Ukrainians and 800 Russians have been killed in the invasion so far.

“I just want to declare, Putin will not stop Ukraine,” he said. He stressed that the country needs assistance from the West, including sanctions, blocking Russian ships and planes from NATO ports, and kicking Russia from the banking platform SWIFT.

"Everybody should understand, Putin declared a war not for Ukraine. Putin declared a war to the whole world," he said.

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