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GOP Senator’s Plan to Rescue America Includes Naming the Border Wall After Trump

AP Photo/Ben Gray

GOP Sen. Rick Scott, who previously served as Florida’s governor from 2011 to 2019, published an 11-point plan for conservatives to follow if they retake Congress in this year’s midterm elections. In the plan, he outlines a promise to finish the wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and name it after former President Donald Trump.


“We will secure our border, finish building the wall, and name it after President Donald Trump,” the plan reads. “Nations have borders. We should give that a try.”

The plan continues, stating that “many potential immigrants love America” but those who do not will not be allowed to come here, adding “no one has a ‘right’ to come to America.” In addition, immigrants who do move to the United States should not be permitted to collect welfare or unemployment benefits during their first seven years living in the country.

“President Trump’s plan to build a wall was right. We welcome those who want to join us in building the American dream, immigrants who want to be Americans, not change America. We are a stronger nation because we are a nation of immigrants, but immigration without assimilation makes us weaker,” the plan continues. “Politicians from both parties talk big about border security and do nothing. We are done with that.”

Trump began constructing the border wall after he took office in 2017. After President Biden took office, construction of the wall abruptly stopped. Since then, as Townhall has covered, illegal crossings at the border have escalated astronomically.

In addition to completing the border wall, Scott’s plan includes stripping federal funding from all “sanctuary cities” and opposing all “comprehensive” immigration reform measures. Also, elected officials who “flout” immigration laws would be prosecuted.

“We will stop incentivizing people to come to America to receive government benefits. We have plenty of welfare recipients,” the plan reads. “We need productive citizens instead.”


Other points in the plan include stopping socialism, maintaining fair and fraud-free elections, and to promote pro-life and pro-family causes.

“The Biden Administration’s unprecedented combination of radical left-wing policies and gross incompetence is bringing great harm to the American people,” the plan reads. “Is this the beginning of the end of America? Only if we allow it to be.”

Earlier this month, Trump appeared in an interview with The Epoch Times where he said the first executive action he would take if he were president again would be to complete the wall at the southern border.

“When him [Xi Jinping] and Putin and Kim Jong Un and Iran’s leaders, when they’re watching millions of people walk into our country…they lose respect [for our country]” he said.

“You’ve got to get their respect again,” he continued. “You do that by making sure that they know that this country is here and it’s here to stay and we’re not going to take any nonsense.”

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