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Heidi Gutman/ABC via AP

In an op-ed published by the Daily Mail on Tuesday, Meghan McCain called on CNN to fire primetime anchor Chris Cuomo for his involvement in sexual his brother’s, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, sexual harrassment scandal and other “inexcusable” behavior.


“What exactly does Chris Cuomo have on the President of CNN, Jeff Zucker?” McCain stated in the opening of the piece. “At this point, I can't come up with any other reason why Chris Cuomo has kept his job as a primetime anchor at CNN.”

McCain then went on to say that people cannot complain about Republican voters when CNN employs Cuomo, who is simply a “mouthpiece for his brother and the Democratic party.” 

“For too long Chris Cuomo has been given a pass by the media where others wouldn't. It is among the worst things that connections to power, fame and a political last name have to offer in this industry,” McCain stated. “There is a litany of inexcusable journalistic behavior that Chris Cuomo has exhibited in the past few years, honestly too many to go over, however here are a few notable examples.”

The former “The View” host then named several examples where Cuomo’s behavior went unmentioned by his employer and other leftists. From receiving special access to coronavirus tests during quarantine to digging up dirt on Andrew Cuomo’s accusers to engaging sources to “get a read on upcoming stories that took aim at his brother,” McCain laid out several reasons why CNN should no longer employ Cuomo.


“The question I present to CNN and their stockholders is this, in an era where public trust in the media is at historic lows, how can you ethically and in good faith continue to employ a man who is little more than a mouthpiece for his brother and the Democratic party?” she stated. 

“There is no anchor at CNN, no woman in the media, no one who would be treated the same way Chris Cuomo is being treated. There is no one who could possibly get away with this egregious journalistic malpractice. I for one am absolutely sick of it,” she concluded. “That being said, our country needs real, unbiased journalists, not hacks who use their platforms to push their agenda of their politics and their families. There shouldn't be a place for this. People in this industry have been fired for much less than anything Chris Cuomo has done.”

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