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'Target Is Lying to You': Company Claims It Pulled These 'Pride' Products, But Video Shows Otherwise

AP Photo/George Walker IV

Amid backlash over its massive “Pride” displays that include everything from chest binders to “tuck friendly” swimsuits, Target reportedly moved and scaled back the sections in some southern stores and pulled products by Abprallen. 


According to conservative commentator Benny Johnson, however, “Target is lying to you.” 

In a video posted on Twitter, Johnson films himself inside a Target store in Tampa, Florida, where he finds products by Abprallen still on shelves. 

As Reuters reported on May 23, the LGBTQ brand, which is “under scrutiny for its association with British designer Erik Carnell … are being removed from all its U.S. stores and from its website.”

The designer is behind merchandise with “images of pentagrams, horned skulls, and other Satanic products,” the report continues, noting that nothing turns up on its website when searching for Abprallen. While those products are on Carnell's Etsy shop, where merchandise that reads “Satan Respects Pronouns,” is sold, Target carried "three Abprallen items: a $25 slogan sweater with the words 'cure transphobia not trans people,' an $18 'too queer for here' tote bag, and a 'we belong everywhere' fanny pack," the New York Post reports. 

While in the Tampa store, Johnson found the fanny pack still for sale. 

Johnson's update about Target's products comes as a conservative investment fund divested its holdings of the company, adding the retail giant to its "Refuse to Buy" list. 


“Target Corp.’s ever-increasing pandering to the Woke LGBT agenda has backfired and its management team’s inept response to a crisis of their own making has significantly damaged their brand across the political spectrum,” The American Conservative Values ETF said in a press release. “We believe their stocks’ long-term performance will suffer because of it. Their actions have also removed any doubt about the company’s hostility to conservative values.”

On Friday, Target stock collapsed to its lowest point of the year.

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