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AOC Asks Cruz to Give History of Political Parties. The Republican Senator 'Happily Complied.'

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ended up giving Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) a history of her own party after the progressive responded to his criticism of the NAACP's recent travel advisory in Florida.


“This is bizarre. And utterly dishonest,” Cruz commented on the NAACP’s claim that Florida is “hostile to Black Americans.” 

“In the 1950s & 1960s, the NAACP did extraordinary good helping lead the civil rights movement. Today, Dr. King would be ashamed of how profoundly they’ve lost their way," Cruz added. 

AOC followed up, encouraging Cruz to "tell people what happened to the parties after that," referring to the debunked theory that the parties switched. 

Many, including Elon Musk, sat back for what would no doubt be an entertaining exchange. 

In seven tweets, Cruz was happy to answer her question. 

First, the Dem party founded the KKK.

– Then the Dem party wrote Jim Crow laws.

– Then the Dem party filibustered the Civil Rights Act.

Today, the Dem part[y] filibusters school choice—trapping millions of Black kids in failing schools.

– Today, the Dem party pushes abolishing the police, which results in many more Black lives murdered.

– Today, every Dem senator voted against my bill to stop DC from throwing 40% of Black kids out of schools bc of vax mandate.

The Republican Party was founded to oppose slavery.

– Our first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln, who won the Civil War and ended slavery.

– It was Republicans who voted for the civil Rights Act in a much higher percentage than racist Dems.

– Today, we produced the lowest African-American unemployment EVER, under the Trump economic boom.

– Today, we produced the lowest African-American poverty levels EVER, under the Trump economic boom.

– Today, (in 2017) I passed the largest expansion of federal school choice EVER (making 529 plans cover K-12), over the objection of ever single Senate Dem.

– Also, just two years ago, the Dem governor of Virginia had put the photo of A MAN DRESSED AS A KKK KLANSMAN on his personal yearbook page.

– And today, the sitting Dem President—Joe Biden—gave in 2011 a flowery eulogy for an “Exalted Cyclops” of the KKK.

– And to add to all that, the Dem party aggressively supports open borders—which has led to the deaths and brutal assaults of thousands of Hispanics, and @aoc somehow can’t seem to find her White pantsuit to cry over their suffering. (Thread Reader)



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