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Texas Legislature Passes Ban on Medical Interventions for Trans Kids

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

The Texas legislature on Wednesday passed a bill banning doctors in the state from offering a range of services to transgender patients under the age of 18, including surgical mutilation, hormones, and puberty blockers.


The bill offers an exception to those already receiving medical intervention but requires the patients to “wean” off medications in a “medically appropriate” manner.

Republicans argue the measure is needed to protect Texas families from health care providers eager to capitalize on a “social contagion,” which will have life-changing effects the children may come to regret. 

“We are the Legislature — our job is to protect people,” said Sen. Bob Hall, reports the Texas Tribune. “We protect children against lots of things. We don’t let them smoke. We don’t let them drink. We don’t let them buy lottery cards. … And so we are doing the right thing.” 

Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign the legislation into law, which would go into effect Sept. 1, meaning Texas would join at least 17 other states that have already banned such medical interventions. 


Separately, the Texas legislature is also working to address the issue of trans athletes in sports. The state House advanced a bill on Wednesday that would ban trans men from competing in men's college sports and trans women from competing in women's college sports.


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