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Transgender marathon runner Glenique Frank, who beat nearly 14,000 women in the London Marathon, has offered to return his finisher’s medal to appease critics.

“If they want me to give my medal back, I’ll say, ‘OK, fine. No problem,'” the 54-year-old runner told the New York Post following backlash.  


“If they really think I’ve stolen the place [of a female runner], I don’t mind giving the medal back, because I’ll run again next year for charity.

“But I don’t want to apologize, because I didn’t do anything wrong,” Frank continued, though he went on to recognize the issue. 

“I get it … I’m not a woman, I don’t have a womb,” Frank said, according to the Post, though he called his critics "haters."

Frank pointed out that plenty of women beat him, as he came in 6,159th place in the female category, and he didn’t participate as an elite athlete, “so I didn’t steal any money.” If he had competed in the male category, Frank would have reportedly finished 21,579th

Attention was drawn to the runner after two-time Olympian Mara Yamauchi denounced Frank’s participation and pointed out why it's still unfair to women despite how he finished. 


Frank said when he runs the London marathon again he will enter under "other" or "male" categories, "just to keep everybody happy."

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