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Progressive Rep Tells MTG to 'Take Her A** Back to Washington'. One GOP Lawmaker Responds.

AP Photo/Stefan Jeremiah

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was in New York City on Tuesday to protest the arraignment of former President Donald Trump—a visit that was unwelcome by not only Mayor Eric Adams, but also her progressive colleague, Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York.  


As the Georgia Republican was leaving the protest, Bowman began screaming about how she needs to get out of the city.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene, she should take her a** back to Washington and do something about gun violence, do something about affordable health care, do something about childhood poverty, do something about climate change. Do your freaking job Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Bowman said.

“You don’t need to be in New York City talking that nonsense. Go back to your district. What are you doing here?” Bowman continued. “You’re here for politics, you’re here because you want to be VP, you’re here for your own fundraising, you’re here for your nonsense.”

Given that this happened on the heels of Bowman yelling at his Republican colleagues about gun control, getting into a shouting match with Rep. Thomas Massie, this outburst came as no surprise to the Kentucky Republican.


 “This guy (a registered Democratic Socialist) has only one trick: shouting at other members of Congress in front of cameras. He hates when you try to talk to him though."

In case you missed their exchange last week, you can watch it below. 

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