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'Egregious' Violation of Privacy: Hunter Biden Files Countersuit Against Computer Repairman

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Hunter Biden filed a countersuit on Friday against John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer repairman who turned files on the infamous “laptop from hell” over to the New York Post prior to the 2020 election, claiming the move was an "egregious" invasion of privacy.

The action is a response to a defamation lawsuit from Isaac against Biden, CNN, Politico and Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff of California. 

Attorneys for Biden challenged Isaac’s argument that the laptop and an external hard drive became his property when they were not retrieved within 90 days, citing Delaware law about when personal property is considered abandoned and what steps must also be taken before claiming it. 

"Contrary to Mac Isaac's Repair Authorization form, Delaware law provides that tangible personal property is deemed abandoned" when the owner does not "assert or declare property rights to the property for a period of 1 year," Biden's lawyers argued. "And contrary to Mac Isaac's claim that property left in his shop is abandoned property after 90 days, he admits in his recently published book and in other media appearances that he actually began accessing what he claims he had in his possession as Mr. Biden's data long before 90 days had expired from when he claims any property or data was left in his shop."

The lawsuit continues, "In fact, the Repair Authorization form states that the Mac Shop will make every effort to 'secure your data.' Reputable computer companies and repair people routinely delete personal data contained on devices that are exchanged, left behind, or abandoned. They do not open, copy, and then provide that data to others, as Mac Isaac did here."

Biden and his attorneys accuse Issac and others of six counts of invasion of privacy. 

“Mac Isaac knew or should have known that the data he possessed and shared contained private and confidential information and content, including sensitive and private photographs and video of Mr. Biden, and that Mr. Biden had a reasonable expectation of privacy in this data, and that Mac Isaac’s conduct would expose Mr. Biden’s personal life in an egregious violation of Mr. Biden’s right to privacy,” the filing said.


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