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Pfizer Director Loses It When Confronted by Project Veritas About Vaccine Statements

project veritas

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe confronted the Pfizer director, Jordon Trishton Walker, who claimed in an undercover video that the pharma company is “exploring” ways to mutate COVID to “preemptively” create new vaccines.


When O’Keefe sat down at a table with him, the man repeatedly asked what was going on and called the police.

During the interaction, he claims to have lied during the date with the undercover PV journalist to impress him. He then calls the police and says he’s surrounded by five “white people.” He also asks the restaurant to lock the doors to keep O’Keefe and his cameramen inside, calling them “insane people.”

“He’s obviously having one of the most outrageous reactions I’ve ever seen in the history of Project Veritas,” O’Keefe stated during the encounter.

When O’Keefe again tried to leave, he was prevented from doing so because the doors were locked. Things escalated and the director charges the PV cameramen and grabs their iPad.  

Police finally showed up after O’Keefe and most of his crew left, though one stayed behind and showed them their footage of the interaction. The officer indicated if the Pfizer director had stayed he would have been arrested.


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