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New Border Numbers Highlight a Major National Security Concern

Townhall Media/Katie Pavlich

U.S. Customs and Border Protection's latest data, released in a Friday news dump, show an out-of-control immigration crisis, with migrant encounters at the border last month breaking records. 

While the numbers are climbing — 717,660 encounters in just the first three months of Fiscal Year 2023 — so too is the national security threat. 

According to the data, Border Patrol arrested 17 people on the terror watch list last month at the southern border, bringing the total to 38 for FY 2023, which began Oct. 1. 

Comparing the data from previous years, the number is soaring on President Biden's watch.  

It's important to keep in mind that there were also over 70,000 "gotaways" in December, according to CBP, and about 1.2 million since Biden took office. As Melugin emphasizes, these are the ones known about. 

The data are sure to embolden Republicans looking to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy already announced in November that Republicans could pursue the impeachment route if Mayorkas doesn't resign. 

"If Secretary Mayorkas does not resign, House Republicans will investigate, every order, every action and every failure will determine whether we can begin impeachment inquiry," he said during a press conference in Texas. 


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