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The Former Head of DHS's Disinformation Governance Board Registers as a Foreign Agent

Department of Homeland Security

Nina Jankowicz, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security's now defunct Disinformation Governance Board, has registered as a foreign agent.  

The disinformation "expert" who believed Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation has been hired by the London-based Centre for Information Resilience, which is funded in part by the UK government.  


“CIR is a non-profit social enterprise focused on countering disinformation, documenting human rights abuses and combating online harms against women and minorities,” a press release states. “It conducts research that identifies malign influence operations on social media and traditional platforms, works with international and local media to expose disinformation, and assists governments and civil social groups to design and implement countermeasures.”


Jankowicz, who signed on with CIR in September, has worked on Russian disinformation as it relates to the Ukraine war and prior to the midterm elections, and represents the nonprofit in media outlets and on social platforms.  

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