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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

With one week until Election Day, one race in the country is raising a lot of questions. Namely, where on earth is the incumbent candidate in Georgia’s 13th Congressional District?

Over the summer, there were increasing concerns among lawmakers, congressional aides and government officials regarding Rep. David Scott, chair of the House Agriculture Committee. The “sensitive situation” about which POLITICO reported was that the 77-year-old Democrat was showing signs that his mental acuity was declining. 

While Scott dismissed the concerns at the time as efforts to get his chairmanship, frustrations among lawmakers and aides were mounting about some of his decision-making leading the committee. They also have pointed to instances of his inability to finish his thoughts or remember previous conversations.

“I have the utmost respect for Chairman Scott,” said a Democrat on the committee. “But he could be doing a better job.” The person added: “I don’t necessarily know if it’s his health or what, but something is wrong.”

This lawmaker described speaking with Scott last November about details of a bill in a conversation where Scott appeared attentive and engaged. A few days later, the lawmaker was shocked by how much Scott struggled to carry on a conversation about the same bill. He seemed to lose focus, was unable to find the words to complete his thoughts at times and didn’t seem to remember ever discussing the legislation before, this lawmaker said. Scott’s office did not respond to a request for comment about the incident. (POLITICO)

Fast forward a few months, and chatter has now turned from questioning his ability to serve in a leadership position to wondering where the heck he’s been over the last month. His re-election efforts have been completely nonexistent, and he hasn’t been seen publicly since Sept. 21, when he attended a Financial Services Committee hearing in D.C. He also voted on Sept. 30. 

Scott’s GOP opponent, Caesar Gonzales, has certainly noticed. 

Gonzales told American Greatness that he has heard from multiple Democrat sources who have told him that Scott is currently in hospice. Another source allegedly said the congressman is “on ice in Annapolis.”

Gonzales noted it would be easy to dismiss one or two of these rumors, but since he’s heard it from six different individuals, it’s worth looking into.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” he said.

According to Georgia election law, a vacancy that occurs after nomination may be filled by a substitute nomination up to ten days before the election.

In the event such a vacancy in party nomination shall occur during the ten days preceding the day of such an election, such vacancy may be filled by a substitute nomination made by the state executive committee or a subcommittee thereof appointed for that purpose.

Gonzales is not alone. Local media and the Clayton County GOP are wondering where Scott is, too, since the Democratic district could end up electing a Republican by default, according to Breitbart. 

“Nobody has been able to find David Scott,” radio host Scott “Rhino” Rheinhold said on October 28, raising speculation that he has either “passed away, or that he was in hospice.” 

He also detailed an unusual incident that unfolded after he called Scott’s campaign and asked to speak with the Democrat. 

Obviously, I’ve heard him many times, and the phone rings [back]. I pick up [and hear] “Hey, Scott! Rhino! Oh, everything’s good! I’m doing great. Everything’s good.” …

I don’t even know if this was really David Scott calling me, to be honest, [but it] set my radar off because he said one thing to me that was a little weird. I said “Are you doing any campaign events? … Are you going to be out doing events? Where have you been? [The voice responded] “I’ve been out! I’ve been campaigning, man. I’ve been putting yard signs everywhere”… So at this point, I’m like, “Wow, that really didn’t sound like David [Scott].”

“I’m willing to put up an extra T-shirt … [to anyone who] can get us video proof or picture proof of David Scott walking around campaigning, or being in events,” Rheinhold added. (Transcript via Breitbart)

American Greatness reports that two videos were posted to the congressman’s YouTube channel in October, most recently on Oct. 28, but it’s unclear when they were recorded. An astute observer noticed the lawmaker wearing the same outfit in the videos as he wore on Sept. 21, when he was in Washington for the FSC hearing. 


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